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The Stripper's Guide Super-Quiz Day 8

1. A certain popular comic strip that ran from the 1960s to 80s starred characters who had a serious identity crisis. After living for the better part of two decades as mice, one fine Monday morning readers opened their papers to find the characters were now humans. What was the strip?

2. Famous people have lent their names, if not necessarily their writing talents, to quite a few features over the years. Name the features bylined by writer Ring Lardner, aviator Eddie Rickenbacker, political columnist Drew Pearson, comedienne Phyllis Diller and ballplayer Tug McGraw.

3. The writer of a long-running adventure strip moonlighted in the unlikely position of Standard Oil executive. Who was this captain of industry and what was his strip?

4. A famous comic book team created a newspaper feature in 1948 featuring a superhero whose secret identity was Larry Davis. What was the feature? For bonus points, what very odd change occurred in the strip after it had been running for eight months?

5. Many cartoonists who self-syndicate their work adopt company names to make editors think they have a 'real' syndicate. Among them are Red Rose Studios, Royal Features and Corinthian Features. Name the cartoonist behind each syndicate and the feature(s) each was self-syndicating.


4-FUNNYMAN (the main character in the strip became Reggie Van Twerp)
5-??? + ??? + CONCHY by Jim Childless
From an earlier Stripper's Guide posting:
"[Frank V.]Martinek is creator of "Don Winslow of the Navy," daily strip. Cartooning is an avocation with Martinek, who is assistant vice-president of the Standard Oil Company of Indiana."
Allan - I wanted to e-mail this link to you, but had my e-mail bounce back at me. It's video of the Chicago Tribune cartoonists of 1931 (Harold Gray, Frank King, etc.) which I edited out of a 1/2 hour silent promotional film called "Trees to Tribunes," which traces the story of newspaper production from the lumberjack to the newspaper boy. The highlight of this excerpt to me is Frank King with his brother-in-law, the original for "Walt Wallet."
1. Eek & Meek by Howie Schneider. And it ran until 2000.

5. Corinthian Features was the name used for Conchy's self-syndication.
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