Saturday, January 30, 2010


Herriman Saturday

Sunday, October 13 1907 -- George visits the opera today, a performance of Tosca starring Madame Padovani. This was a huge event in L.A. meriting vast coverage in the Examiner's Sunday issue. The bottom cartoon was a printed at almost full page size in the Examiner's magazine section, accompanying an interview with the diva.

Note also that Herriman was referred to as 'George the Greek' in the headline accompanying the top cartoon. Unfortunately the article didn't make it into my photocopies so I don't know what else might have been said about Herriman therein.


Thanks for the elp, Alan. I have schedule three posts for the next two weeks, but the four I tried to do after that are being published right away rather than being saved for later. And I did nothing different. Is there a limit? Should I keep trying? Any help is welcome.
Hi Ger --
No, there's no limit, at least I've had as many as 15-20 posts queued up at a time, so if there is a limit it's pretty high.

The 'gotcha' that you probably ran into is that you MUST specify a posting date/time before you hit the PUBLISH button. If you publish before you date the entry there is no way that I've found for undoing it, short of deleting the post and starting over.

I've made this mistake plenty of times. It's easy to forget and just hit PUBLISH without thinking.

Thanks. My glitch must be similar to that one, but slightly different. Even a newly started post, which is set to a future time before even uploading the material doesn't end up as scheduled anymore after the first three. I am now saving them as draft and will try to post them from Florida, where I willl be going.
Coming to my neck of the woods, eh? You're welcome to stop in for a visit if you're in the area.

Herriman Saturday is my favorite part of your blog. I can't get enough of this genius' work and you unearth some great finds!

Keep up the hard work!
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