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News of Yore 1929-30: A Miscellany of Short Items

Hix Cartoonist at 22
(E&P 1/4/30)
Starting as a carrier boy on the Greenville (S.C.) News when he was 18, John Hix, "Strange As It Seems" artist, at 22 is a full-fledged syndicate cartoonist. With the announcement this week by the McClure Newspaper Syndicate that the feature will be extended to include a full Sunday color page early in February, Hix enters upon another phase of his youthful career in newspaper work.

Hix began his feature two years ago, and, according to Harold Matson, editor of the syndicate, it is now being used by 80 newspapers.

Hix took a three months' correspondence course in cartooning while he was a carrier boy in Greenville, his home town, and then at 20, set out to find other fields to conquer. He landed a job on the Washington (D.C.) Times as a combination office boy and cartoonist. For a short time he did a daily feature "Hicks by Hix," which was syndicated by King Features Syndicate. He joined McClure two years ago to start "Strange As It Seems."
[anybody seen "Hicks by Hix"? -- Allan]

New Story Strip
(E&P, 6/15/29)
"The Adventures of Aimee" having as its central character a French peasant girl is a new story strip obtained by Ledger Syndicate. It is drawn by Alan Dailey and the balloons are by L.L. Henson Jr.
[anybody seen this one? - I haven't -- Allan]

NEA Has New Features
(E&P, 11/30/29)
Werner Laufer, NEA sports artist, is doing his feature, "Brushing Up Sports" six days a week now instead of three days a week as formerly. Joe King, sketch artist, is back at the Cleveland office of NEA after a three-month tour of South America.

Bell Service Sells Kay Features
(E&P, 11/30/29)
Kay Features, Inc., has concluded an agreement with the Bell Syndicate, Inc., providing for an expansion of selling facilities it was announced this week. Under this arrangement Bell has taken over the sales agency for the Charles W. Storm Financial Service ... and Charles H. Forbell's comic strip "Cuddles, An American Flapper at King Arthur's Court."
[another strip I haven't found, but then I've found very few Kay products -- Allan]

Youngest Strip Artist
(E&P, 12/7/29)
Herbert Donald Stockton, whose juvenile comic strip, "Hick Hayes in High," is now being distributed by King Features Syndicate, is credited with being the youngest featured comic artist in the United States. He is 21. The foundation for his strip was made when he attended San Jose (Cal.) High School, where, according to the story, James Swinnerton, the celebrated cartoonist, recognized the boy's ability and induced him to enter art school.

At the age of 12 Stockton was a "hoofer," playing vaudeville houses in the West. Later he obtained employment on the San Francisco Examiner from 1925 to 1928, and has since been with the Oakland Post-Enquirer. His strip has been syndicated on the Pacific coast for several years.



There was a post on the Platinum Age Comics List back in 2004 on CUDDLES ( and an image was posted. I saved the image and can send it to you; I, too, would like to know more about the strip.
Hi Arthur --
For reasons I need not go into here, I'm not in the Platinum group nor will I join. I would much appreciate if you could send me that info and sample of Cuddles.

Thanks, Allan

I've posted the image I have to my blog at
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