Saturday, April 17, 2010


Herriman Saturday

Saturday, November 9 1907 -- Hen Berry, manager of the Angels, returns from a trip to New York City to a hero's welcome. What was he doing in Gotham? I dunno, all I have of the article is one line of the story. Was he trolling for Major League offers? Could be.


I have that story ... but it never says what he was doing in New York, just that he was "looking at the tall buildings and rubbing elbows with the truly great," and that he "purchased the entire stock of a famous Broadway haberdasher." It generally treats him with all the sarcasm that I wish my paper in New Orleans would visit upon our local sports team owners.
Isn't it amazing how the sports page stories can go on and on and on in the LAX paper without imparting more than just a few tidbits of info?

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