Monday, August 09, 2010


Help Wanted

Have a few blog readers looking for information. Can you help?

* Paul Karasik is searching for interview subjects who knew Ernie Bushmiller. He recently talked to Morris Weiss and is looking for others. Do you know of any surviving Bushmiller buddies?

* Steven Tabarez is trying to gauge whether there is any interest in a book of Tom "TAD" Dorgan's cartooning work of the 1900s. It would  be a self-publishing project. I reluctantly told him that though personally I'm a Tad fan and would definitely enjoy such a book that there are darn few other folks who know enough about Tad to care. Am I wrong? Gosh I'd like to think so. Here's a sample of the material he would be using:

By the way, Steven runs a way-cool blog called No Message Here that showcases all sorts of oddball items he's picked up in a lifetime of being fascinated by, apparently, just about everything under the sun. Cool stuff, check it out.

I regretfully agree with your estimation. Dorgan was an important figure in his day, but like many other important cartooning figures he's been largely forgotten.
I've seen some interesting books and documentaries that used once-popular artists and cultural phenomena as a way to view broader topics. Maybe a book on TAD could be framed as an eyewitness account of sports & fandom in his time, or a commentary on sports today (the sample could be a dry comment on the epic posturing involving the Oakland As and the San Francisco 49ers, both being wooed by other cities). While there'd be space to explore TAD and the era more generally, his sports cartoons would form the heart of the book.
You can sign ME up. I'm a fan from way back. I even have a couple of tad originals that I treasure.
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