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News of Yore: 1928-29 Mystery Features

Here's a collection of short articles from Editor & Publisher, each of which discusses a feature I've so far been unable to locate. Have you seen any of them?

5/26/1928 -- A new cartoon by C.P. Meier, of the C.P. Meier Studio, Forest Hills, N.Y., will demonstrate a sleight-of-hand trick each day and explain how the trick is done. The title of the cartoon is "Willie Ikindoit." Meier was formerly cartoonist on various metropolitan dailies.

10/13/1928 -- Contracts for two new features were signed by King Features Syndicate this week. [...] The other is a three-column block cartoon called "Cholly, the Classified Kid," to be used on classified pages. It is the work of Milton D. Youngren of Chicago.

11/17/1928 -- The Craig Kennedy Service Corporation of New York has made arrangements with Octavus Roy Cohen, author of humorous stories of negro life, to produce a strip based on his character "Florian Slappey." It is being drawn by Art Helfant.

1/5/29 -- The McClure Newspaper Syndicate has started publication of a monthly house organ for editors. It is called Circulation and is made up of features handled by the syndicate. In the first issue of a new "Feature-of-the-Month Club" plan is announced, by which one special feature each month will be selected by the syndicate and sent to the editors. [not a feature, but a promo magazine somewhat like Hearst's, which oddly enough had the same name]

1/26/1929 -- (King Features ad) -- Inventions of Mr. Knickknack by Don Herold, the nationally famous cartoonist and humorist scores a daily comic strip hit!

2/9/1929 -- A new two-panel cartoon feature, "This Day in World History," has been started by United Feature Syndicate. The feature is created by Rabbi Maurice Teshnor and Mrs. Teshnor, who do the necessary research work and write the text, and J.A. Knapp, former professor of art at the University of Cincinnati, who draws the cartoons. One panel deals with remote history and the other with more recent events.


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