Friday, December 17, 2010


News of Yore 1950: Dale Goss Introduces Tom Trick

Dale Goss' Tom Trick activity feature is outside the official purview of Stripper's Guide (we don't do activity and puzzle features), but when has that ever stopped me from doing a post, especially when all the materials are handed to me ready to go?

Alex Jay submits these images from the Seattle Times, chronicling the start of syndication of local artist Dale Goss' Tom Trick feature. Thanks Alex!

First, a little background. Here's Goss' bio from a 1941 edition of Who's Who in Northwest Art:

Then we have an article and an ad (from October 29 and 25 respectively):

And finally, what is presumably the first Sunday installment of the new Tom Trick feature on October 29:


Tom Trick: That's what "Brick Bradford" was called in Sweden!
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