Saturday, January 08, 2011


Herriman Saturday

Thursday, January 2 1908 -- the top cartoon shows the result of the Abe Attell - Owen Moran featherweight title fight of the prior day -- a draw. Atell and Moran would have a rematch later in the year, and the result would be the same. Not until 1910 would Attell finally defeat the spunky Briton.

Herriman's other cartoon accompanies a rave review for the Belasco Theatre's presentation of Charley's Aunt, which was originally put on the stage in 1892 and has been a fixture pretty much ever since. Note another appearance by Charles Ruggles, later a noted film actor, who oddly enough had the lead in the first talkie film version of the play. Florence Smythe, too, rates a short Wiki entry.


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