Saturday, April 30, 2011


Herriman Saturday

Sunday, January 26 1908


Interesting. Herriman seems to be taking the black fighters side, even as he portrays them in a derogatory manner.
It's kinda sad that Herriman - a man later revealed to have black ancestry - would depict black people that way (then again, everybody drew what were then known as Negroes or colored people in such a derogatory way in the early 20th century.)
Another stunning comic and fantastic touch-up work. Concerning the discussion about racist imagery, I would suggest an alternative interpretation ... Herriman was working with the conventions of the medium, including minstrel-type caricatures that reflect and perpetuate much of the racism of his day (and ours). The fact that he utilized these conventions to make his own statement about race and boxing is a reflection of his development as an artist and a harbinger of Krazy Kat. (I would also add that he was part of a group of Hearst newspaper writers and artists, including Tad, who relentlessly critiqued the boxing color line.)
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