Saturday, February 04, 2012


Herriman Saturday

Thursday, February 27 1908 -- Apparently it's pretty big news when boxer Jimmy Britt takes a long jog in the morning rather than work out in the gymnasium. Do you think a runner, even in 1908, really did their miles dressed in suit coat, hat and dress shoes?!?!?


Did you know about Jimmy Britt's bar on the Russian River in Sonoma County,CA near Rio Nido? Gone now but it was there into the 70's.
Sure didn't, KevB!

I was at Jimmy Britt'a bar on the Russian Ruver as a kid. Jimmy was married to my dad's cousin. But I am guessing, although he was a boxer, hr was the son of the most famous boxer named Jmmy Britt. Can anyone confirm this and/or offer more info?
I remember that bar ... can still see the neon sign with the rendering of Britt throwing punches. The boxer Jimmy Britt died in 1940 ... fought 23 matches including numerous against top fighters.
JM, it's possible you have the wrong Jimmy Britt, sort of. Check out this wikipedia link.
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