Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Herriman Wednesday Special Announcement

Dear Readers --
 I moved our weekly Herriman post to today, since I was not about to let such a lovely example of kismet go to waste. Oddly enough, our regular Saturday post this week was to be the cartoon above, which discusses marriage and was published on February 29th, 1908. Well, 104 years later to the day, February 29, 2012, I have some marriage news of my own.

I am happy and proud to announce that today your blog host has been accepted into the bonds of matrimony with the most beautiful, intelligent, witty, charming girl in the world. Assuming, that is, she doesn't have a last moment attack of clarity and runs for the hills.

Assuming all turns out as hoped, Mr. Stripper and his blushing bride plan to spend the next month  occupied exclusively in billing and cooing, and not paying one iota of attention to comic strips. Therefore, for the month of March the Stripper's Guide blog is under the exclusive direction of Mr. Alex Jay, who has my deepest appreciation for taking on the task.

I trust you will treat Alex Jay as a special guest and not as a subtitute teacher. Play nice while I'm gone kids, and I'll see you in April!

-- Allan Holtz


Congratulations, Mrs. Holtz and Allan Holtz! Have a splendid Honeymoon March, we'll see you soon. I hope she enjoys old comic strips!
Every Good Wish, Mark Kausler
Congratulations, Allan! Wishing you many, many years of happiness! (And good for you for getting away from the Internet for a full month!)
Wait, comics researchers can marry a "beautiful, intelligent, witty, charming girl"? Hurrah, there is still hope for us!

Congratulations, and enjoy your honeymoon!
Congratulations, Allan!
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