Friday, May 11, 2012


Obscurities of the Day: Pinhead Pete, Freddy Frappe Filosphizzes, Stone Age Stuff and more!

In our final post about the creators and features associated with the Chicago Tribune's short-running but pretty darn astonishing Crazy Quilt series, we have to tie off some loose ends. Luckily the Tribune makes that pretty convenient by putting all those loose ends in a nice little package.

In the teens the Trib seemed to be real serious about giving Sunday funnies readers a lot of bang for their buck. While the covers of the Sunday section were graced with lovely full-page strips, at least one page of the interior was jammed up with a whole bunch of one-tier strips. It was this interior page that became Crazy Quilt, by jumbling some of those shorty strips, and some new items, into one Frankenstrip.

After Crazy Quilt ended, many of the strips continued as standalone features, and even some of the panels. The panels were all thrown together on a single tier as you see above. It was in this way that Dean Cornwell's Stone Age Stuff and Freddy Frappe Filosophizzes continued, as well as Quin Hall's Pinhead Pete.

Stone Age Stuff and Freddy Frappe both continued until January 10 1915, and even appeared as strips on one occasion, November 8 1914.

Pinhead Pete continued as a panel until August 30 1914, but then returned as a full-fledged strip, replacing Hall's Genial Gene, on November 1 1914. The strip version ran until January 10 1915.

The panel tier included other non-series stuff by Hall and Frank King, plus a never-really-titled series with a black porter named George.

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