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Ink-Slinger Profiles: Louis E. Donahoe

Louis Edward Donahoe was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in July 1880, according to the 1880 and 1900 U.S. Federal Censuses. In the 1880 census he was recorded as Edward, the fourth child of Charles, a notary public, and Philomane. They lived in St. Louis at 3614 North 18 Street. Information about Donahoe’s education and art training has not been found.

The St. Louis Republic, April 14, 1896, reported the death of his father, who was a lawyer and lived at 1314 North 20th Street. On April 21, the Republic said the police held a suspect for homicide in the death of his father. The Kansas City Daily Journal (Missouri), October 23, 1896, noted that a pension had been granted to his mother.

Donahoe was listed in Gould’s St. Louis Directory 1899 as an artist residing at 1100 Madison.

In the 1900 census, he lived with his mother, and two sisters in St. Louis at 1519 Hogan Street. His occupation was artist. He produced Caseyville for the St. Louis Star in March 1901. The Republic, October 5, 1902, reported the upcoming exhibition of newspaper drawings.

Oils, Water Colors, Sketches and Cartoons Will Be Shown.
…The Newspaper Artists' Society was organized with the primary object of the general betterment of the art of newspaper illustration, for an increased fraternal and feeling of good fellowship among the cartoonists, and with the hope of ultimately effecting a permanent institution. To this end this first exhibition will be given. The following artists form the Committee of Arrangements:

H.B. Martin, Dick Wood, George McManus, Ed Eksergian, S. Carlisle Martin, Berthold Widmann, Paul Fred Berdanier, Edward Grinham, J. Gay Martin, Miss Lina Barclay, Henry Thode, George Walters, Louis E. Donahoe, A. Briscoe, A. Block, George Stick, Miss Anita Moore, F.F. Porter, Max Orthwein, treasurer.

His listing in Gould’s St. Louis Directory 1903 was St. Louis Star artist residing at 1519 Hogan Street. Donahoe passed away May 14, 1909, in St. Louis. His death was reported in Fair Play (Sainte Genevieve, Missouri), May 22, 1909, on page 3, column 3:

Louis E. Donahoe, aged 28 years and 10 months, died in St. Louis on Friday, May 14. He was a son of Philomena and the late Chas. E. Donahoe, and brother of Mrs. Louise Klie and Elmer, Hattie and Flora Donahoe.


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