Saturday, January 12, 2013


Herriman Saturday

Sunday, March 29 1908 -- Charles F. Lummis, an historian, librarian, outdoorsman, builder and general eccentric, contributes an article to the Examiner's Sunday magazine section extolling the virtues of California's frontier lifestyle. He explains how the California climate and geography allows children to grow into superior physical specimens that make Easterners look like sick fish. It is Lummis' opinion that although California is becoming more and more populated each day, that Californians will always recognize the importance of a healthy frontier lifestyle and never build cities like those in the East. So much for his abilities as a clairvoyant. Lummis likens California to Greece; he says their climates and geography share much in common, and points to the Greeks as fine physical specimens that prove his theories about the similarities. Somehow this leads Lummis to a conclusion that California will grow into an empire like that of ancient Greece. Now there's a prognostication he hit on the nose -- but did he know that the empire would be based on the sleepy little town of Hollywood right next door to L.A.?


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