Saturday, February 16, 2013


Herriman Saturday

Friday, April 3 1908 -- Tonight is the fight between Goerge Memsic and Phil Brock, and Herriman has really hit the nail on the head with his cartoon. Memsic, in fact, did not have enough gas left in his tank, and Phil Brock did. Although there was no knockout, and one newspaper declared the fight a draw, the general consensus is that Memsic lost to Brock. Although George Memsic would continue to fight for several years to come, he was never again to be a contender. Brock had a much longer career, but he was never a top fighter.

In weazel skin hat news, after today's exit of Joe Riechl, there is but one guest left at Hen's soiree. The 13th guest once again fails to make it in to the party.


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