Saturday, March 02, 2013


Herriman Saturday

Saturday, April 4 1908 -- The Southern Pacific Railroad, in their constant struggle to monopolize freight movement, are manipulating local, state and federal governments to build breakwaters in San Pedro that will secure them a very attractive deep-water port. Of course, Southern Pacific has a monopoly on rail traffic into and out of San Pedro.

Ain't unrestrained capitalism, unfettered  by pesky laws and unbought politicians grand? Yup, our economy would right itself in no time if we just let these benevolent megacorps alone to do what they want.


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Incredible art!!! Makes me wish Herriman has started up a strip staring a top-hatted octopus. thanks, as always, for the Herriman Saturdays. Apprrciate these rare cartoons plus the historical context you provide. - Paul Tumey
It reminds me a little of Shamrock Squid:
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