Friday, January 17, 2014


Sci-Friday starring Connie

Connie, August 2 1936, courtesy of Arnaud Wirschell. Thanks Arnaud! Follow the Connie story every Friday here on Stripper's Guide.

NB: In our quest to present the Connie Sunday story in its best light, we are still looking for sharp color scans of 8/9/36, 8/16/36, 8/30/36, 9/13/36, and 11/29/36 episodes, lacking from Cole Johnson's otherwise excellent run of the strip. Jon Ingersoll has volunteered to provide sharp b&w versions of these dates, so we are one step closer to our goal -- thanks Jon!


Thanks for posting this strp and this sequence! I've only been able to read the strips in dribs and drabs -- this is wonderful.
Allan, I have emailed them. If you didn't receive them let me know
yes Jon, I have them. Thanks!
Wow! A very good scan! It's rare to find this strip at all, much less in good colour! Thankee kindly!

By the way, several million tons of mostly-sharp B+W Connie strips, both daily and Sunday, have been shared by the very kind and industrious comics-miners of the Yahoo comics group Dailydose. The ubiquitous Jon Ingersoll is one of those gnomes.

Anyone who wants "too many comics" would be well-advised to join any or all of those groups! My life has been ruined by this addiction to old strips, but I am happy amongst my fellow comics-degenerates!
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