Monday, February 24, 2014


Mystery Strips -- Any Info Very Welcome

Here are a few mystery strips -- in this case strips for which I have seen just one or two samples and cannot find any further information. Can you provide more info?

Jack Barnum's Circus ran in the Chicago Tribune, in a kid's Sunday magazine section. Since it is by C.A. Beaty I surmise that it is likely to be from around 1910-11, when we know he worked there. The page is undated and there is no content on the back to give me any clues. These sections did not make it onto microfilm (at least the versions I've worked with), and so I have no idea if this was a one-shot or a series. Can anyone help?  [EDIT -- since this post originally ran, I have determined the running dates between additions to my collection and a closer survey of the Tribune microfilm]

Robert Pilgrim, who is generally associated with Bell Syndicate in my mind, did this series called Did You Know? in 1929. I say series because I have a whole two examples. I can't determine based on them from what paper they were clipped. No syndicate stamps on my few samples. Has anyone seen more of this series? Anyone know the syndicate? It doesn't seem to have been advertised in E&P.


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