Monday, September 29, 2014


Alex Raymond Wants to Help You Gain Weight, Part I

Poor Cinderella Sally, she's cursed with a fashion model's body. Plus she's not the smartest cookie -- she's heard of the wonder tablet Kelpamalt, knows many people who have benefited from it, but for some reason could not apply that vast amount of data to solving her own problem.

Once Sally puts on those va-va-voom pounds, she consents to wed Doctor Blake, who so kindly drew a logical line from A to B for her. But Sally's not just logic impaired. She's also unclear on the idea of engagement, as apparently Doc's having a tough time "keeping Sally to himself". For shame Sally!

Anyhow, the effectiveness of iodine-enhanced weight gain (which apparently is a real thing) is not our question today. No. The question regards the art on this Sunday comics advertisement from 1937. Is it by Alex Raymond, or Raymond-inspired (swiped, to be blunt about it). My question: which is it?

Tomorrow we'll have another ad from this series, also highly Raymond-inspired in the execution.


I say Raymond-inspired.
The girl in panel two (first panel of story proper) hardly looks Raymondesque.
The artist seems to have trouble with hands/fingers. Certainly hid them in this sample.
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