Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Alex Raymond Wants to Help You Gain Weight, Part 2

Another Alex Raymond-inspired iodine weight gain ad from 1937. This one looks to be a lot more 'swipey' than the ad I showed yesterday. That one seemed like it could be Raymond in a hurry. This one looks more like a Raymond copier in a hurry. Whatcha think?

Looks like the same letterer as Flash Gordon/Jungle Jim

I don't think this is Raymond. Both pages look like they were made up with swipes from Secret Agent X-9 strips. Lettering is *not* by Laurence Crossley (Raymond's uncle), who did a wonderful job on Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim, and X-9. It might be Austin Briggs ghosting for Raymond, but lettering doesn't look like Briggs' either.

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