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Sci-Friday starring Connie

Connie, March 28 1937, courtesy of Cole Johnson. 
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How did Prof. Borgg get the Native to kow-tow and call him Master and all?! Prof. Borgg is surely a baddy.
(the Native sounds almost like Little Beaver "Yes, Red Ryder, I fix 'em quick!)

Cool apparatus in the lab.
My father was an electrical engineer and loved to see all of the scientific stuff in Monster movies....bubbling and sparking... me too!

Does anyone know the range of dates for the Connie scifi stories? I've only got a few Connie Sundays and some are of her on an archaeological dig in presumably South America with what look like Aztecs in the story. Is this story line considered scifi?

Greg Matthews
Greg, I'd say the SF stories start August 2, 1936 when the time machine is first introduced and Connie goes into the future. They're still going in November 1940, though not everyone in between is really SF. They are all adventure strips and not the one off humor strips from before. At least as far as I've seen.
How did Prof. Borgg load all his lab equipment and vamoose so quickly? With the help of one flunky he can load tons?

Joakim Gunnarsson last year on his blog posted the version of a portion of this Connie storyline that appeared in Famous Funnies #93. Nice chance to see how comic books adapted strips during the era when that was their bread and butter.

Interesting point. I scanned the entire issue of Famous Funnies #93 for the Digital Comics Museum earlier this year! I've got a large collection of Famous Funnies and many of the Connie scifi stories in those. I never saw any of the time travel stories in FF though from what I can recall. Maybe I'm wrong on that point though.
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