Friday, February 13, 2015


Sci-Friday starring Connie

Connie, July 17 1938, courtesy of Cole Johnson. 
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This is the final sci-fi Connie story we have available from Cole Johnson. If anyone out there can contribute scans of another complete Connie story (later than 3/26/1939), or can offer another sci-fi strip to take its place on Sci-Fridays, I'd be delighted and grateful to hear from you! Note that we elitists do not generally use digital microfilm material here on Stripper's Guide, so we would need sharp 300-600 dpi scans from newspaper tearsheets or syndicate proofs.


I suppose this one is from August 22, 1937
Sorry, this is indeed the Sunday from July 17, 1938. You skipped almost a year to give us another complete story, thank you.
I wonder if you can get access to the late Cole Johnson's collection, to find more great stuff to reprint. I'm sure that the spirit of Cole would smile upon you! While on the subject, let me say how sorry I am that Mr. Johnson died. I know he was a good friend of yours. I have become very used to seeing his name on your blog. Comics people ought to live forever, or at least twice as long as mere "regular" people.
Thank you for that sentiment. It isn't easy to find an adventure/sci fi continuity that isn't common or already reprinted many times.
One of Cole's special interests was the Philadelphia syndicates, of which Connie belonged to the last of them, the Ledger Syndicate.

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