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Sci-Friday starring Connie

Connie, July 31 1938, courtesy of Cole Johnson. 
Follow the Connie story every Friday here on Stripper's Guide.

This is the final sci-fi Connie story we have available from Cole Johnson. If anyone out there can contribute scans of another complete Connie story (later than 3/26/1939), or can offer another sci-fi strip to take its place on Sci-Fridays, I'd be delighted and grateful to hear from you! Note that we elitists do not generally use digital microfilm material here on Stripper's Guide, so we would need sharp 300-600 dpi scans from newspaper tearsheets or syndicate proofs. 


I know you are not a fan of microfiche scans and the quality of the representation here is fine, but the Sedalia Democrat at has Conny Sundays in sharp black and greyish white. I pulled one I can send you.
Hi Ger --
Another person offered me good quality b&w scans from microfilm, and I admit the quality is pretty darn good. But I need to know if Connie continues as a sci-fi strip or not. If not, it wouldn't be a good candidate of course. Do you know if the 1939-40 stories are sci-fi?

Here's a personal list of CONNIE Sunday stories:

One-shot pages (April 28, 1929 - July 26, 1936)

In the Thirtieth Century (August 2, 1936 - February 28, 1937)

The mad prof. Borgg (March 7, 1937 - May 23, 1937)

The new diving helmet (May 30, 1937 - August 15, 1937)

The lost Mayan civilization (August 22, 1937 - January 2, 1938)

The Guatemalan cloth (January 9, 1938 - April 17, 1938)

The haunted house of Cyrus Grinney (April 24, 1938 - July 3, 1938)

The hidden city in the Andes (July 10, 1938 - March 26, 1939)

Searching for the lost Atlantis (April 9, 1939 – August 6, 1939)

The stealing of the Colt plane (August 13, 1939 - October 15, 1939)

Sabotage on the movie set (October 22, 1939 – December 10, 1939)

The death ray of Doctor Su Tai (December 11, 1939 – March 24, 1940)


The city of Lahkpor (at last July 21, 1940 - )

The time Projector (November 10, 1940 - December 22, 1940)

The last 3 stories are S-F.
Thank you Fortunato! Just the info I needed. I'll see if I can get those last three stories.
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