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Sci-Friday starring Connie

Connie, August 15 1937, courtesy of Cole Johnson. 
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So, there's the second story in a row that ends with our heroes not really having done anything important at all to stop the bad guys. Interesting plot device Mr. Godwin seems to favor lately.

In the time-travelling sci-fi tradition, next week we are teleporting into the distant future age
of July 17 1938 for the start of our next (and probably last) Connie story. Hopefully our stars will actually have an active role in the proceedings! If anyone out there wishes to contribute good sharp scans of another complete Connie story (later than 3/26/1939), or can offer another sci-fi strip to take its place on Sci-Fridays, I'd be delighted and grateful to hear from you!


These last few strips point up something that always puzzled me about Godwin's Connie artwork. The airplanes here are recognizable aircraft. Connie was full of airplanes, but throughout most its run Godwin faked them outrageously. In fact, even in some of his magazine illustrations the aircraft are embarrassingly phony. His cars were no great shakes either.

Plenty of artists faked planes and cars. The difference is that Godwin was a modeller and a technology fan. There's a photo showing him with a remarkable scale model locomotive he built from scratch. I'd have thought that just by inclination Godwin would have drawn more realistic machinery.
How about
Late Bungle Family storylines
Beyond Mars (in color even though that lithping robot needs to die)
Twin Earths Sundays
More Speed Spaulding
Hairbreath Harry
Any favorite of the late great King Cole would be fine!

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