Saturday, April 18, 2015


Herriman Saturday

September 21, 1908 -- This can give you an idea of how partisan newspapers operated back in the day. I keep looking to the Los Angeles Herald (available in the California Digital Newspaper Collection) to find out what's going on in the "Solid Three" bond-fixing scandal. Oh well, so sorry. The Herald was a Republican paper, so their coverage of this scandal was slight compared to the Examiner. They treated it as more like a minor misunderstanding and perhaps a little bad judgement, while the Examiner was (as you can see above) screaming for blood on a daily basis.


Big Chief Tax Payer is a NAZI???

No Nazis in 1908
The swastika was a noted Native American symbol long before the NSDAP adopted a similar version. In point of fact, the 45th Infantry Division, which came from heavily Native American areas, had a swastika as its symbol.
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