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Ink-Slinger Profiles by Alex Jay: Dorothe Carey

Dorothe Louise Carey was born in Springfield, Ohio, on June 23, 1911. Her birthplace was determined from the census records, and her birthdate is from the Social Security Death Index.

In the 1920 U.S. Federal Census, Dorothe was the youngest of two daughters born to William and Muriel. They resided in Springfield at 14 East College Avenue. Her father was a salesman.

The 1930 census recorded Dorothe, her sister and divorced mother in Dayton, Ohio, at 40 Locust Street. Dorothe was a stenographer at a stationary supplier.

According to American Newspaper Comics (2012), Dorothe created Alice in Beautyland, for King Features Syndicate, which ran from January 8, 1938 to November 5, 1939. No information has been found about any art training Dorothe may have had.

Information about Dorothe’s employment was found in the Lima News (Ohio), April 21, 1938.
News Writers Will Nominate Queen Jubilee
Van Wert, April 21—Judges for the selection of Queen Jubilee VII to reign over Van Vert’s 1938 Peony Festival June 8 and 9 were announced today by J.F. Beam, queen committee chairman.
The judges are C. R. Corbin, managing editor of The Toledo Blade; Miss Dorothe Carey, women’s editor of The Dayton Daily News; and Dudley T. Fisher, Jr., Columbus Dispatch staff cartoonist.
The queen’s selection will be made the night of May 11, at Lincoln school auditorium.
A posting at RootsWeb said Dorothe married Robert Edward Doty in Baltimore, Maryland on September 4, 1938.

They were listed in the 1940 census in Washington Township, Ohio, on Mad River Road. Her husband was a newspaper photographer. She was the advertising manager at a retail furniture store. During World War II, her husband served from March 3, 1944 to May 15, 1946. A son was born to them in 1947.

At some point Dorothe returned to newspapers through advertising. A single sample of “Belinda Goes Shopping”, with the byline Dorothe Doty, was found in the weekly Oswego Valley News (New York), April 15, 1954. It’s not known when this campaign started. The copy refers to “a Dayton store”.

The Ohio Divorce Index, at Anestry.com, said Dorothe’s divorce was granted on July 8, 1970. She was an out of state resident at the time.

Dorothe’s husband passed away November 22, 1981 in California. Dorothe passed away August 26, 1999, in California. According to the Social Security Death Index she was a resident of Berkeley. RootsWeb said her death was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, September 13, 1999. Her son passed away in California, December 2, 1985.

—Alex Jay


Just a couple small points of clarification. The Doty's would have lived in Washington Township, Ohio, on Mad River Road -- both just a few miles south of where we live. Oddly enough, when I worked at Dayton Newspapers, I would run across photos in the newspaper's morgue stamped "Doty" on the back. If I would have only known, but by then they were both gone anyway.
Love all the profiles, Alex.

Frank Pauer.
Thanks, Frank. Corrections made.
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