Monday, March 07, 2016


Obscurity of the Day: Boastful Bob

A.T. "Crite" Crichton, whose raw-boned art style I find strangely compelling, managed to place his work at just about every syndicate in the business, but never did he seem to be able to establish an ongoing relationship with any of them. Boastful Bob is a good example of that. It ran in the New York Herald's Sunday funnies section from March 13 to July 17 1904, but then "Crite" didn't manage to get another series accepted by them until 1907, and then nothing further after that.

Boastful Bob (sometimes titled Boastful Bob's Adventures) doesn't have a great deal to recommend it; once you read the title you pretty much know exactly what's going to happen. Nevertheless, "Crite" puts his funnybone to bear as best he can, and produces strips that are fun to look at if nothing else.

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