Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The Marketing of The Mighty Bunyan

A short while ago, I discussed The Mighty Bunyan as our Obscurity of the Day. I described Clyde Yeadon, the creator of the strip, as a one-man show. Well, turns out my assumption was dead wrong, and I was very politely corrected via email shortly thereafter.

It turns out that Paul Bunyan Enterprises was very much a collaborative effort, and that Clyde Yeadon's partner in the venture was a fellow named Les Kangas. Kangas was obviously a marketing prodigy, and he went all out in service of Yeadon's concept.

Kangas' son, who sent me the email, sent this fascinating bunch of items that show some of the extent and ingenuity of his dad's very impressive marketing efforts:

Parade float advertises the current giant mosquito continuity in Mighty Bunyan

Bunyan 'formal' dance -- come dressed as a lumberjack. Note the Bunyan doll displayed at left front.

Stationery sample

Photos of Les Kangas at work, with Mighty Bunyan ephemera on desk

News story, unfortunately missing a few lines that seem to have been clipped off. Note pic of giant 'diaree'.

Thanks very much to Les Kangas Jr. for submitting these delightful and interesting pictures. If the Mighty Bunyan didn't catch on, it sure wasn't from your Dad's lack of effort!

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