Tuesday, May 24, 2016


A Bringing Up Father Mystery: Whodunit?

While filing away some miscellaneous clippings the other day, I happened to notice that the above Bringing Up Father strip is most definitely not drawn by George McManus. I checked online and found that the whole week of July 4 - 9, 1927, was drawn by a substitute artist. Here's the rest of the week, plus the last strip from the previous week and first week of the next to show you that George took off just a single week (sorry for the crappy reproduction):

So the question is, who drew this week for McManus? I have my own guess, but the fellow I have in mind seems like a less than ideal candidate for a few reasons. Who do you think this is?


surely that's Powers.

-Eddie Campbell
Hi Eddie -- That's absolutely who I had in mind. Hard to believe, though, that even the great McManus would have rated getting T.E. Powers as an unsigned ghost!

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