Thursday, May 12, 2016


Auctions Ending Friday and Saturday!

Hey! These Heritage Auction items of mine are going to be closing on Friday and Saturday. Bid high and bid often. Click on the links to go to the actual auction site:

Bobby Make Believe 1918 original by Frank King, partially colored

Superb Cerebus page by Dave Sim and Gerhard, with Secret Sacred Wars Roach

1925 Gluyas William original in museum-quality mounting

Burne Hogarth's "The Gunslinger", in gorgeous frame. Huge!

Jack 'King' Kirby original page from Kamandi #19 (my favorite comic book series of all time)

Superb 1916 Mutt & Jeff daily gag -- racy stuff!

Great Skippy daily of 1933; perfect gift for a cigar-smoker

Tad Dorgan's For Better or Worse Sunday page, perfectly paced IRS gag (oops, I killed the punchline!)

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