Saturday, August 27, 2016


Herriman Saturday

December 9 1908 -- Herriman admonishes folks to shop early for their Christmas presents. Not the most exciting message, but a lovely cartoon, anyway.


I am awe struck dumbfounded and everything in between to describe how I feel after skimming your blog from the beginning to now. I have not read everything but it has been educational, a history lesson, and a trip down memory lane now only about things in my life but things my mother talked about. I absolutely love the posts on Saturdays. I have two books of the editorial cartoons of Geo Fisher. Fisher was the editorial cartoonist for the Arkansas Gazette for many years. Some of my favorite are one from the 80s concerning Bill Clinton. As Clinton was the youngest governor Fisher depicted him as riding a tricycle. Another editorial cartoonist I have done a little research on is Charles H Alston. Alston was hired in WW II by the Office of War Information to draw editorial cartoons for Black newspapers depicting blacks in positive terms. The cartoons were more propaganda and not all black newspaper ran them. One paper that does not appear to have run them was the Defender. If anyone out there has run across a paper that did run them I would like to know. Thanks so much for your blog. Keep up the good work.
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