Monday, August 01, 2016


Topper Features: Spaceship Parade

Buck Rogers had quite a few interesting topper features in the 1930s, but sadly they were often lopped off by subscribing papers. One of the toppers that was integrated well into the full-page version of the strip was Space Ship Parade, which inhabited the final panel in that format. Usually this topper displayed a bizarre alien spaceship drawn by Rick Yager along with a fanciful description by writer Phil Nowlan.  Our example above changes the pace a bit by highlighting a valiant pilot, who flawlesssly guides his ship through the galaxy despite the fact that his brains are being sucked up an errant vacuum hose.

Space Ship Parade (which was usually titled as such, unlike our sample) ran from December 3 1933 to February 25 1934, which translates to episode numbers 193 to 205.

Much belated thanks to the late Eugene Seger, who shared with me all his data on the Buck Rogers toppers.


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