Saturday, September 17, 2016


Herriman Saturday

December 12, 1908 -- Herriman comments on last night's fights, which was headlined by Abe Attell only being able to coax a draw out of Ad Wolgast. This would be Attell's last west coast fight for a long time.

For the first time I can recall, the usually all-knowing Boxrec website has let me down. They are either unaware of the undercard fights Herriman is describing here, or perhaps the bouts were considered too minor to count in records. Frankie Sullivan is listed as having his debut fight a week later than this, Young McGovern is listed as retiring a few months earlier, and the black fighters are not in the Boxrec database at all.

On the same sports page with this cartoon, Herriman also contrtibuted a text story about the boxing bouts. Unfortunately I didn't notice it when I was going through the microfilm, and it was left off the photocopy. So all I have is the headline "Herriman Drops Into Literature -- Paints the Ringside Events in Words as Well as Pictures". Ah well.


He certainly loved those fights. Didn't he?
Well, he covered what the paper told him to cover. Uncertain that Herriman's personal interests coincided with his job.

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