Friday, September 23, 2016


Wish You Were Here, from Outcault

This Friday's cartoonist postcard is labeled (on the back) as Tuck's New "Outcault" Series Valentines Postcard #7. It is a divided back with no copyright year indicated. Late 1900s would be my guess.

The divided back has a large drawing of Tige taking up most of the room reserved for a message, and I'm betting that's what attracted little Billy to choose it. Something tells me that Billy didn't have any great desire to send a Valentine to his uncle (whose name he seemingly can't even remember), and he sure didn't want to waste precious moments on adding a message to the back. Smart kid, that Billy.

The lack of a signature on this card, and the mismatched sizes of Buster and Tige, lead me to guess that Tuck just cut and pasted some off-the-shelf art to create this uninspired card.


Hello Allen-
It looks to me that it isn't RFO at all, the line work is really wrong, especially on Tige. Buster looks pretty dwarfen, too. Some hack at the Tuck offices, probably. The bifurcated back indicates it's issued after the spring of 1907, when an act of congress was passed authorizing such a thing went into effect.
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