Friday, January 20, 2017


Wish You Were Here, from Percy Crosby (probably)

Although unsigned, this 1912 postcard sure looks like early Percy Crosby work to me. It was put out by T.P Company and says 'Series 846' on the back.

There really was an Ozark Iron Works, though I doubt that this was made as an advertising card for the company. Odd though that Crosby would have given a specific company name, rather than just "Iron Works."

Howzabout that lettering, by the way? Talk about your lack of effort!


A quick Google reveals that's an old comedy song title. It's about a cowboy's dog who follows him into town, and the brawl that results when some guys kick the dog around.

The drunk just kicked an ornamental iron dog; for him the song title is is practical advice.

Ornamental iron dogs were evidently A Thing once. There was a wartime Looney Tune about a dopey hound who fell in love with an inanimate iron dog, chasing it into an armaments factory where it becomes a bomb -- with an explosive kiss ("What a gal!").
That Looney Tune is a Merrie Melodie cartoon" "Ding Dog Daddy" directed by Friz Freleng, Dec. 1942.
"T.P." stands for Taylor Platt & Co. They were a NY publisher who also published designs by Albert Carmichael.
It makes sense, my Great-Grandfather, Albert Carmichael and Percy Crosby were friends.
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