Saturday, April 01, 2017


Herriman Saturday

January 16 1909 -- It all started as a minor case in which some employees of the city's library were accused of padding their time records. Then library director of research Dr. C.J.K. Jones turned the proceedings into a circus, producing copious detective-like notes he purports to have kept on the comings, goings, and misdeeds of the library's female employees. He in turn is accused of keeping a bottle of whisky hidden in the library's safe, from which he dispenses tipples to any female employee who feels faint or dyspeptic, and thus making the safe room some sort of den of debauchery. Then another employee claims to have walked in on two of the women librarians engaged in behavior so shocking that his sense of decorum did not allow him to describe its nature on the witness stand.

Herriman, sadly, seems oblivious to the cartoon possibilities of all this. What sort of yellow journalist is he, anyway?


Herriman refers to Big Chief Lummis in this cartoon, who must be Charles Fletcher Lummis, who at one time was editor of the Los Angeles Times. In 1905 he was a L A City Library staffer and an expert on American Indian Lore. He built a house called El Arisal which is an historic landmark today.
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