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Herriman Saturday

December 20 1909 -- The first version of Herriman's Mary's Home from College comic strip appeared in Hearst's New York flagships, the Journal and American, and a smattering of papers around the country, back in February to May 1909.

When Herriman ended his Baron Mooch strip in December, which also got some spotty Hearst syndication, he returned to Mary's Home from College for a few episodes before heading on to new ideas. As far as I know, this iteration of the strip ran only in the Los Angeles Examiner, though I could be wrong.

Bill Blackbeard's By George Volume One makes nary a mention of these Mary strips. He jumps straight from Baron Mooch to Gooseberry Sprig. This is odd since he was evidently working from LA Examiner bound volumes. Only explanation I can think of is that maybe he believed they were re-runs from the earlier series. Could he be right? I dunno, because I have only seen a few examples from the earlier series. Apparently some (or all?) from that series were printed in the Fantagraphics Krazy Kat Volume 8, but I do not have that book. Can someone tell me the extent of the Mary's Home from College strips presented there (or anywhere else)?

Anyhow, here is the first Mary's Home From College strip from the Examiner run.


Hi Allan,
The only Mary's Home From College strips I could find were included in the Fantagraphics 1933-34 book. I don't know if that's Volume 8 or not. There are five Sunday half-page Marys from 1909 in there. They are not otherwise dated. Thanks again for your blog,
Mark Kausler
Thanks for checking Mark. Sounds like Blackbeard could only offer a few samples there -- shame he didn't offer the dates. I guess Mary's Home From College needs some additional research work. At least I have Jeffrey Lindenblatt's official New York dates in my book. Someone needs to review that microfilm and see about printing the complete run, even if it will be crummy microfilm versions.

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