Sunday, October 30, 2005


Obscurity of the Day : Good Scout Andy

This strip ran 1925 - 1926 and was created by Edward McCullough for the Cosmos Newspaper Syndicate. McCullough jumped ship very quickly after creating this strip and took his scouting strip concept to the New York World where he started a similar strip titled Good Scout Today. Cosmos continued the original version, substituting S. A. Booth as replacement cartoonist.

The sample strip is believed to be the final installment, from 11/20/1926. Booth seems like he might be saying goodbye here, though the possibility of continuation is left open. Having the main character head off into the sunset this way was a good way to hedge your bets on the possibility that the strip might be revived. Guess the public never clamored for more of Andy, 'cause he was gone for good.

By the way, karma didn't let McCullough get away with his syndicate jumping ways. Good Scout Today was cancelled after just two months. Good Scout Andy outlived it by over a year. Take that, Ed!


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