Monday, February 20, 2006


Obscurity of the Day - The "In" Kids

Taking a break from the E&P mystery strip listings...

Here's a real rare one by Pat Boyer. It ran from November 6, 1967 to January 27, 1968 as a daily in the Washington Post. The Post also ran the Sunday but only a few times. If it ran longer elsewhere I haven't been able to locate it. It was syndicated by Publishers-Hall Syndicate.

This is one of those attempts to be mod and 'with it', notable for being an early entry in that late 1960s-early 70s genre that continued with features like Laugh-In and Peter Max's Meditation.

This is Pat Boyer's only syndicated credit that I know of. Since I find his/her characters to look vaguely unsettling and menacing (those eyes! ) this doesn't seem too surprising.


Hello, Allan---THE 'IN' KIDS ran in The Philadelphia Bulletin until at least Feb. 24, 1968.----Cole Johnson.
Thanks very much for the info Cole!

Hello, Allan-I was at the library today. The Philadelphia Bulletin ran "THE 'IN' KIDS (everyone's favorite therapy project strip from the psycho ward) until Thursday, March 7, 1968. I assume that it actually ended on Saturday, March 9, but the Bulletin ran plugs for it's replacement (MISS PEACH) in it's space on the 8th and 9th. ---Cole Johnson.
Thanks Cole!
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