Friday, April 28, 2006


Obscurity of the Day: Eggheads

Our final look at the Keane oeuvre concerns this cute little feature titled Eggheads. Apparently it started on 9/28/1981, and I've seen no examples later than 1982. However, a reprint book from Fawcett was published in 1983 that does not mention the demise of the strip, so perhaps it soldiered on a little while longer. Syndicated by Register & Tribune Syndicate, I regrettably did not even find this strip running in the home paper.

The humor of Eggheads abounds in puns and groaners, and the Mutt And Jeff style 'takes' in the final panel are a standard feature.

According to the blurb on the book, Bil drew roughs and son Jeff Keane did the finished drawings.

If the last four days of Stripper's Guide posts whetted your Keane appetite, hop on over to his website here.


Great website. And they feature so many cartoons too. Working in television as I do, I found many Channel Chuckles that I likd.
And if you look around at that site, you'll also find the Mirth-quackers, who are obviously related to these eggheads.
This is probably old news to you, but perhaps more recent readers can appreciate this: the website has a small section devoted to old comics. His discussion of Jerry on the Job goes on in great detail about what he describes as that strip being the master of the "flip take"; i.e., when someone is knocked off their feet by the punchline.

I like the little detail in Eggheads where the guy bonks his head on the top of the frame. But then again, I dig the meta-humor.
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