Sunday, February 18, 2007


Lois Lane Revisited

Back in January there was a bit of excitement on the CSC newsgroup regarding the rare Lois Lane Girl Reporter topper strip to Superman. At the time I only had the three low-res scans supplied by Pete Maresca (shown in this blog post). However, in going through some of my files I rediscovered a stack of lovely color copies that had been sent to me years ago by Tony Seger. Though the copies are great some of the source material was in bad shape, but after all the hubbub among the Superman collectors over this rare series I thought I better share these additional examples. I did a lot of cleaning work on some of these, others I left pretty much in their raw condition.

If you're keeping score, between the two blog posts I've now shown eleven of the twelve known episodes.


You never cease to amaze, Allen.

The never-ending battle to find one more Sman strip, program, or comic.

Makes my day.
...and the 12th Lois Lane strip can be seen here...
Now I'm now told that there may be a 13th or even more strips. The topper that wouldn't die!!

I'd consider paying you to add more scans on a regular basis if you were up to it. I loved the Lois scan you recent posted
Hi ilovecomix -
It is the dream of most bloggers to get paid for their work, but this blog presents the problem that I'm publishing the copyrighted work of others. If I was being paid, they should be paid. As it is, I provide just a taste of each feature (covered legally by fair use rules I believe) and don't make money off of it, so presumably the rampaging lawyer hordes will leave me alone.

Even if there weren't the spectre of legalities hanging over it, I would feel a moral obligation to pay the creators and/or syndicates if I was to reprint their work in volume. Being in the software business, I'm acutely aware that the whole system breaks down when consumers (whether software or comic strip) convince themselves that they aren't hurting anyone by stealing product. They are.

All that being said, if you see something on the blog and you want to see more of it, I do sell tearsheets. Feel free to inquire.

Thank you for the info. I understand what you getting at. You do scan quite a few odd comics and I love it. I guess I am requesting more than you can bite. I'm not in the finical situation to purchase strips or tear sheets. If I was I would be broke very quickly. I do collect strips but not very often. Some of the series I collect are not very hard to find. (I mainly collect Freckles and his friends do you have any?) Thank you for letting me know.
Great find!

Althrough the credits is by "Jerry & Joe" (At least you know whose they meant, as does DC every month), the artwork may looks like from Wayne Boring (By the look of Clark's face in one strip).
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