Monday, October 22, 2007


Obscurity of the Day: Spokania

Here's a local strip from the Spokane Spokesman-Review that ran daily from March 16 until at least July 18 1981. Spokania commented on Spokane politics in the guise of a fairy tale. Sort of a local version of Pogo, you could say. I know nothing of the creator, R.E. Wells, other than that he or she did a fine job.

Searching for local strips is like looking for needles in haystacks, and finds such as this are always a delight to me. If you have information and samples of local strips I'd love to hear from you.


Local strips...hmm...

When I stayed in Pennsylvania last Spring, the local paper, Tribune-Democrat (Johnstown, PA), was running a comic panel called "Bol's Eye" by Shaun Boland in the Editorial section.

I looked around and it's apparently a weekly comic panel that the creator self-syndicates to over 27 publications, most of them in Pennsylvania.

I still have the Tribune-Democrat paper with one of the comics. Do you want a scan?
Thanks Charles, with the title I was able to find the creator's website:
He's got a pretty decent little list of papers!
Me again ... here's some trivia probably interesting only to me. "Bol's Eye" just became the 6,666th feature to get a listing in the Stripper's Guide index.

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