Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Obscurity of the Day: Snoozy and his Friends

Here's a really obscure find from the St. Paul Pioneer Press. In the teens their Sunday section was an absolute madhouse of syndicate and strip changes. This full page Sunday by staffer Ted Nelson first appeared on March 29 1914 after one of these purges.

Snoozy and his buddies make a habit in the strip of visiting with local politicos and celebrities, which probably made it a popular with P-P readers who in these days barely got to know a strip before it would be whisked away and replaced with something else.

The feature was originally titled With Snoozy And Some of His Friends Baldy, Fatty and Fuzz, but I image Nelson got sick of doing all that lettering, and the strip settled on the more terse Snoozy and his Friends after a few weeks.

Since Nelson was on staff his Sunday strip survived quite a few of the ensuing purges, lasting until January 24 1915, a ten month run that made it a real veteran in that fast-changing funnies section.


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