Sunday, April 06, 2008


Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics

Order Jim Ivey's new book Cartoons I Liked at or order direct from Ivey and get the book autographed with a free original sketch.


Re: Jim's fourth panel:

The absolute deadliest illustration of Jim's point I've seen is an amazing drawing by Homer Davenport of Mark Hanna, the Ohio industrialist and U.S. Senator. He does a "normal" Hanna and then places right by it his standard gross caricature of Hanna, surrounded by examples of how he exaggerates Hanna's neck, eyebrows, hands, &c. The illustration is in "The Ungentlemanly Art," and I'm sure it's on the web somewhere.
"...I'm sure it's on the web somewhere."
Scroll down this page:

Is it redundant to reiterate that I really enjoy Ivey's work here.
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