Monday, April 26, 2010


Obscurity of the Day: The Geteven Youngsters

To compound all the other problems I'm having to deal with these days, my computer has been acting up. The CD and DVD drives decided to jump ship, and then the keyboard and mouse stopped responding. The latter happened when I got a little over-ambitious when trying to fix the CD/DVD drivers through REGEDIT. Nothing like compounding hardware problems with your own ill-advised tinkering. I'm writing this on an alternate machine without all my accustomed materials arrayed about me that I use when making a post, so that's why I'm jawing about my ever-so-fascinating problems rather than having an on topic discussion about today's obscurity.

The Geteven Youngsters is by one of my favorite cartoonists of the era, Walter R. Bradford. He did this very short-lived strip for the Philadelphia North American from September 10 to October 1 1905, a grand total of four episodes. Of course it is just another spin on the Katzies, one of dozens if not over a hundred that found their way into the papers of the day.Not one of Brad's better efforts, you'll agree.


How extensive was the Philadelphia North American as a syndicate?
They syndicated their Sunday section until 1915 with what I guess I would call slightly more than minimal success. They never did as well as McClure or World Color but you see their stuff pop up every once in awhile. They were smart to get out of the biz in 1915, about the time that the other secondary syndicates started hitting hard times.

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