Monday, August 30, 2010


Obscurity of the Day: Interesting Georgia

Many newspapers have tried out the idea of a local 'oddities' cartoon, but Interesting Georgia, found by Cole Johnson in late 1943 Sunday issues of the Macon Telegraph, are in his assessment, "maybe the most feeble of them all." I have to go along with Cole on this one.

The feature was drawn by someone going by the name Virginia A.C. (one wonders if it is Virginia Aycock, contributor of one item), who illustrated unfathomable mysteries such as a cache of pecans found in a birdhouse, with something less than top-flight penwork. But hey, there was a war on and Virginia undoubtedly felt this was a boost for the morale of Telegraph readers. Our brave boys overseas are pining for news of oddly shaped sweet potatoes and Virginia was dead set on providing them with important tuber updates.

The examples above, all from October-December 1943, are the only ones we know about at this time, but the feature could have, for all we know, run for years ... but don't bet your anthropomorphic taters on it.


i found a 1932 color comic section from a newspaper that has felix the cat and blondie comics among others. I was wondering if you could tell me what the value might be. It is the entire comic section from Feb. 28th 1932. my email address is:
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