Sunday, May 29, 2011


Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics

This killjoy feels the need to interject that the Seldes quote is spurious. -- Allan


I recently re-read "The Provocative Pen of Lucius Beebe, Esq." which is a collection of Beebe's writings for the San Francisco Chronicle in the late 50s and early-to-mid 60s, at the time Jim was working for the Examiner. Query: did Jim ever meet Beebe?
Jim is not a computer guy and won't see your question for a little while. But I seem to recall this question coming up once, and I think the answer was that he did not have any significant contact with Beebe.

Thank you. It might have been me who asked that question, and I had blipped the answer out of my mental file. Too bad. Jim would have loved him.
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