Sunday, June 05, 2011


Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics

Note: today's cartoon references this previous installment of Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics.


Oh, no! I am being brainwashed by another feeble, leftist, drawing!!

Excellent response, Mr. Ivey.
Is this supposed to be a self portrait of jim ivey? The empty skull certainly is a good likeness.
Trade in your overstock of smug and trade it in for some drawing lessons!
Wow. Custi goes right for the personal attack. He/she must not understand that the whole purpose of a political cartoon is to get the reader to THINK.

I've seen lots of political cartoons over the years and some of my favorites haven't always expressed my personal political views.

Of course, when they didn't I immediately posted insulting comments towards the artist. Wait... sorry, that wasn't me who posted the insults, it was Custi.

Never mind.
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