Monday, September 05, 2011


Obscurity of the Day: Well, I'll Wait A Little While

Ed Grinham has two comic strip series to his name, both with the New York Evening Telegram. The Telegram, evening paper of the Herald, had a lot of interesting material running in it over the years, but Grinham's work was not one of the high points.

Well, I'll Wait a Little While was a paean to procrastination. In every strip the main character put something off until finally they got bit. It's terribly formulaic stuff, as was Grinham's other feature, I Should Say Not, another strip in which the characters repeat the title mantra ad nauseum.

Well, I'll Wait A Little While ran from January 6 to September 15 1910, which is about eight months longer than any Telegram readers probably bothered to even glance at it.


I like the art. It has a nice style and movement. Unlike too much of today's art, we saw John from a variety of angles.

Granted the art was nothing special, but while I would not bother to read the strip I would glance at the pictures.
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