Friday, December 30, 2011


Obscurity of the Day, Disqualified Division: Do You Believe

One of the entries on my E&P Mystery List is Do You Believe, a feature listed in their directories from 1955-1962 as a daily panel cartoon by Steve Feeley and Ed Kuekes. The feature was finally unearthed by Alex Jay in the Aberdeen American-News. He sent me samples which you see above.

This illustrates one of the problems with relying overmuch on the E&P listings. Do You Believe is, in my opinion, a column feature with an incidental illustration, not a panel cartoon. As such it does not qualify for listing in Stripper's Guide. It is a great case in point for the principle that I must see a feature with my own beady li'l eyes before it gets listed in the Guide.

Sorry to sound like I'm on my high horse about this, but I sure do wish others would set the bar a little higher rather than making claims based solely on E&P listings. You can find Ed Kuekes bios in which this feature is described as a panel cartoon, or even a panel cartoon strip (whatever that is) on several sites on the web. Sigh.


I feel your pain. Every researcher has faced published authors and internet sites that have the facts wrong.

In my case it is TV. You can show them the actual work and recorded facts from original sources and they still go in denial or don't care enough to change their misinformation.
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